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3D Machine Control System Profile

Topcon 3D-MC2


Topcon Positioning Systems

   Inertial measurement unit

Machine types

Topcon's 3D-MC² (pronounced '3D MC squared') was the first 3D machine control system to incorporate an inertial measurement unit (IMU). It was released for dozers in 2008 and support for motor graders was added in 2011.

Mounted on the dozer blade or grader moldboard, this technology allows for increased grading speeds by sensing slope, pitch and yaw of the blade in addition to directional accelleration. When used on a grader,  the IMU can sense the moldboard roll. This measurement is then used to correct for the position of the GNSS antenna which is displaced because of the mast lean resulting from moldboard roll.

Except for the IMU and software, the 3D-MC² system shares its components with Topcon's GPS+ system. As with other systems from Topcon, it can be easily reconfigured for other positioning sensor and fitted to other machine types.

Through acquisitions, Topcon's 3D machine control products incorporate technology from companies such as AGTEK and Javad Positioning Systems.

Topcon's GNSS technology is developed primarily in Russia, its optical products in Japan and its 3D machine control software in Australia.

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Livermore, California and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Topcon Corporation, Tokyo. Topcon Corporation is a public company traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the company code 7732. Toshiba Corporation is its primary shareholder with approximately 35% of the shares as of end-of-year 2010.

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